Beefy Roll-Ups

This recipe has more ingredients that most of my recipes but it’s worth it. We don’t normally like much spinach but this dish is wonderful with it. It doesn’t do well as left overs unless you really like spinach because it tends to get stronger.


Mexi-Corn Casserole

This recipe came from my secretary. Not sure where she got it but I altered it a little like I do with most recipes. Down here it the south people don’t think Jiffy Corn Bread is real corn bread because it’s sweet but this is one recipe that my southern husband can’t get enough of even if it does use the Jiffy.


Lattice Top Chicken Bake

Chicken Casserole

Almost forgot about this recipe I use to make years ago. It was very good then as I remember but changing it up a little with combinations of soup and flavored onions took it up a notch for sure. It’s one of those meals that is easy for after work.


Sausage & Veggie Mounds

When you have a freezer full of smoked venison sausage and can’t think of how to use it besides with eggs you have to get creative.  I’m sure this recipe would be good with any smoked sausage or maybe even italian but I haven’t tried that yet. (more…)