1. When cutting warm brownies, use a plastic knife.  It won’t tear your brownies like a metal knife will.

  3. Instead of tearing lettuce or when cutting it up, use a plastic knife. It’s easier than tearing and doesn’t make lettuce turn brown as the knife will.

  5. Cover cookie sheet or pan with aluminum foil for easy clean-up. The new non-stick foil is wonderful also.

  7. Buy your hamburger in bulk. Fry it up with some onion and drain. Let cool and place about a pound in freezer bag or vacuum seal. After work just put in microwave on defrost. Makes dinner more convenient and hamburg always on hand.

  9. When pan frying chicken for any recipe and the bottom of the pan gets brown, poor small amount of water and scrape pan. Let chicken simmer for few minutes and take on some of those flavors as water absorbs.