Pizza Roll-up

Pizza Roll


Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Pizza Roll

I know this isn't a diabetic friendly recipe or a meal for my New Years Decision to lose weight but it is one that I absolutely love. My husband likes this but he would rather have MEAT. He wants sausage and hamburg so next time I will try that. You can use almost anything you like on your regular pizza.


  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic Seasoning or other favorite seasoning
  • Pillsbury Pizza Crust
  • Pepperoni - As much or as little as you want
  • Roasted Red Pepper
  • Mushrooms - 1 small can or a cup of fresh
  • Cheeses - I prefer mixture of Mozzarella and Colby


  1. Sprinkle olive oil and seasoning on baking sheet
  2. Unroll pizza crust over olive oil and seasoning on baking sheet
  3. Sprinkle olive oil and seasoning on pizza crust
  4. Layer pepperoni, mushrooms, red pepper and then cheese. (I love pepperoni and cheese so I use lots of each)
  5. Roll up from the long side, poking in ingredients in as you go till you get to edge. Pinch edge into roll to seal as well as possible.
  6. Roll seam to underside
  7. Bake 375 degrees for 20 - 30 minutes.

Baked Ham and Cheese Egg Rolls

Ham and cheese in an egg roll? You’re probably thinking “this woman is crazy”.  Don’t knock it till you try it.  I had a bunch of left over coleslaw mix. You know those big bags you buy at Sam’s Club. I also had some pasta wraps left and decided to come up with something to use them. I’m a huge fan of hot ham and cheese subs (specifically from Annelio’s in Corning, NY) so this wasn’t a far stretch for me. I didn’t use normal ham but it would probably be good too if it was sliced very thin.  Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried anything else in your egg rolls.