When my children were small we didn’t have much extra money but I usually had the basics in the refrigerator and pantry. When you’re working with a small income you have to get creative to keep meals inexpensive, delicious and not boring. Sometimes I wouldn’t know what to tell the kids and I would just say “I don’t know I’m just going to throw something together”.  After awhile I just said “throw together”. Before you knew it the kids would get very excited when I said that.

One of the original “throw togethers” is the Hot Dogs in a Pot that came about because I was making hot dogs and fried potatoes and realized I didn’t have any buns or bread on hand so what was a mother to do. I took the hot dogs and cut them into chunks and added them to the already fried up potatoes and added a little ketchup and a small amount of mustard. I threw it in a bowl and the kids loved it.

All kinds of meals came after that and as you browse through my site you’ll see I’ve done some simple dishes that the ingredients are in almost every kitchen to a little more extensive dishes that may be great for entertaining but still have that down home feel.

I started this blog at my husband’s suggestion. Many, many years later he’s the one that is the meal tester to my creative side but he always says “I’ve never tasted anything you made I didn’t like”. I’m not totally sure he’s telling the truth but he’s being sweet anyway.  He suggested this blog so I could share my recipes with my friends and family and maybe there would be others that are interested also. I said what the heck lets give it a try. It might be fun to see how far and wide my creative side can reach.

The bottom line is, I love to cook, I love to create and I love to take recipes and alter them to make them easier, with less ingredients, more easily obtain ingredients, something I already have in my frig or maybe with less fat (when I feel like watching that). But I still want to make them tasty and one of those dishes you want again even when you’re done eating it. I’m not a chef so my recipes don’t always have exact ingredients but that’s why they are called “throw togethers”, but I’ll do my best to give amounts to the best of my knowledge.